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We love research and analyzing data around here. We also happen to be pretty handy when it comes to creating new tools and reports. This industry should be collaborative. The goal of this blog is to share knowledge among other SEOs, as well as any clients or search marketers that may be interested. We hope that you find the content useful. Maybe you will even learn a new trick or two.

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How To Use Data Analysis for SEO

Join LOCOMOTIVE Senior Director of Technical SEO Research, JR Oakes, as he sits down with the hosts of the popular marketing talk radio show, Edge of the Web. Learn more about JR and the unexpected path he took to becoming one of the most respected SEOs in the industry (*hint he didn’t go to school for tech), and how we use data here at LOCOMOTIVE.


Tailoring Client Communication

Learning, modifying, and mirroring are the key components to tailoring your communication with any client. If these are taken into consideration, a successful relationship will be sure to follow.


Technical SEO FAQs

Technical SEO FAQs covering several areas that can help clients and new marketers understand Technical SEO better.


The Google Chrome SameSite Warning

Google Chrome (along with other browsers) will be releasing an update starting in February that can affect how tools and scripts track users. Here is what you need to do to resolve this error on your site…