We encourage curiosity and we deliver outstanding results. Come on board.

At LOCOMOTIVE, we believe in moving things forward. This includes our employees. We hire people that have a proven track record of excellence in their field. We make big promises to our clients and we believe in challenging ourselves to deliver.

Working here means being part of a team. You’ll be working alongside best-in-class SEOs, analysts, researchers, project managers, writers, technologists and business professionals. We can’t wait to see what your skills will bring.

Best in class has its perks…


Use Your Noggin

Albert Einstein said “once you stop learning, you start dying.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why each year, every employee can select a conference, class, or certification that they would like to pursue – we’ll foot the bill.

Bright Minds Require Stimulation

We’re pretty sure you’ll never be bored here. But that’s doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good cup of coffee. Pop by our coffeehouse neighbor – the lattes are on us!

Work Hard, Play Hard

We like to celebrate our successes. Enjoy regular team building activities with us. We have been known to navigate ropes courses, show off our bowling skills, break out of escape rooms, and even show our more sophisticated sides at food & wine tastings.

Keep It Healthy

Wondering about health benefits? We offer those too! All full-time employees are eligible for our health, dental and vision benefit coverage. We also offer telemedicine. We’d like you to stay healthy, so you will stick around a while.

It’s Your Special Day

No, really. When it’s your birthday, it’s all about you! The entire team takes every employee out to lunch on or around their birthday. Sometimes there is even cake.

We Really Like Learning

Food always tastes better with a side of knowledge doesn’t it? Enjoy frequent lunch and learns at the office.

Save Those Pennies

Your financial planner will be thrilled! We are pleased to offer our employees a 401k plan with company matching options. Do you feel that piggy bank getting heavier?


Work/Life Balance

We are pretty cool to be around, but you can’t move in. We believe that life is best lived outside these walls and we want you to experience all that life has to offer.

Work From Home Privilege

Working as a team is very important to the work we do, but we also know that sometimes you just need to hunker down and get things done. Experience the autonomy of working from home as needed to get your work done.

Casual and Relaxed Work Environment

We want you to enjoy your time here. Our office is in an old tobacco exchange building, refurbished to offer a modern, industrial, loft-style vibe. We like to keep it full of positive energy, so come casually dressed and ready to do your best work!

Dog Friendly

On most days, you will find one of our team members beloved pups tagging along with them. Of course there are some exceptions, but we love friendly dogs around here.

Networking Opportunities

Collaboration is key and so is learning something new. We are heavily involved in the local SEO community and regularly attend meetup events.


We want you to feel like you are a part of this team. That’s why we hold weekly team meetings, offer 1 on 1 feedback and also include every employee in quarterly company meetings where we review goal tracking, revenue, new client acquisition and share company updates.

Core Values

Riding the rails with LOCOMOTIVE means upholding our core values. We are curious and driven. We are supportive and collaborative. We will always be respectful and we are honest above all else.

Ready to come on board?

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Available Positions

Agency SEO Director

Apex, NC (post-COVID) or Remote

SEO Driven: You will be charged with leading strategic and execution initiatives that deliver client revenue performance improvement. You will be the front line, and responsible for uncovering and accountable for the execution of the tactics that will move the needle for the client, and the overall success of the engagement.

Find out more: Agency SEO Director

SEO Analyst

Apex, NC or Remote

LOCOMOTIVE is an agency that values quality, data accuracy, and impeccable revenue-focused insights above all else in our work product. We love our clients and they love us.

We don’t care where you live, what your background is, whether you have a podcast, or that you post weird pictures of your cats on Instagram. We care that you are passionate about your work and that the areas below sound like something you would enjoy.

Find out more: SEO Analyst

Project Manager

Apex, NC or Remote

As a project manager, you are one of the primary liaisons between the internal Locomotive team and the client. Your job is to serve both the client and the agency by facilitating the success of ongoing client relationships.

Find out more: Project Manager

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