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Driven By Results

Driven By Results

A strong, sleek symbol of strength and ingenuity, the locomotive has withstood the test of time. Whether it be pulling miles of steel and freight or pushing a heavy load up a steep incline, the locomotive has always been synonymous with moving things forward. Inventive. Reliable. Each of these terms comes to mind when thinking of how the locomotive continues to steam its way along the rails.  

Meet The Team

Our team boasts a tenacious curiosity, constantly digging deeper to get at the root of every issue. Never satisfied with merely scratching the surface, we offer long-term solutions, not patches to problems.

LOCOMOTIVE as an agency is very similar

Inside view of technical SEO agency - Locomotive, formerly Adapt Partners

We employ some of the most talented, technical SEO experts in the country and we know that SEO is a long-haul process. 

In order to be successful, you must be able to carry the weight of a heavy load through many peaks and valleys.

The team at Locomotive SEO agency working together on a client project.

Our team specializes in helping brands through that journey.

We understand that this process requires both push and pull. Building strong SEO results means building a strong relationship with our clients. With our team’s diverse skill set, we understand the internal business decisions that our clients face and offer data-driven recommendations to help balance the internal needs of each organization.

Personalized service conversation with employees at Locomotive SEO Agency

When you come on board with LOCOMOTIVE, you can expect to receive reliable, transparent, and always personalized service.

Expect us to be there throughout your journey, full of curiosity and constantly digging deeper to solve problems and offer long-term solutions. We are an external agency that will become your best internal partners. Our team prides itself on these standards.

the team reviewing client results at Locomotive SEO agency

We combine data-driven metrics with honest, approachable customer service to truly build lasting partnerships with our clients.

We know that success comes to us when our clients succeed and we are driven to help each train reach the station.

Marty Martin, Founder, CEO

Marty Martin

Founder, CEO
VP, Agency & Client Operations

Amanda Allen

VP, Agency & Client Operations
Erica Fallon

Erica Fallon

JR Oakes - Senior Director, Technical SEO Research

JR Oakes

VP, Strategy
Robert Padgett - Technical Director

Robert Padgett

Technical Director
Caitlin Vargas - Project Manager.jpg

Caitlin Ordy

Director of Client Services

Megan Dyson

Project Manager

Joe Joiner

Technical SEO Analyst
Daniel Tebbe

Daniel Tebbe

Associate SEO Analyst
TJ Dubensky

TJ Dubensky

Associate SEO Analyst
Carl Brooks

Carl Brooks

Director, SEO

Savannah Casto

Data Analyst

Katherine Holt

Content Marketing Specialist

Martha Manning

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Haylee Gecas

Project Manager
Jeremy Ott, Digital Content Manager

Jeremy Ott

Digital Content Manager

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