Paid Media

Sometimes you need quick results.

Paid Media campaigns can produce great results when implemented correctly. Conversely, they can be an expensive waste of your marketing budget if you don’t know what you are doing.

At LOCOMOTIVE, we maximize your advertising dollars by combining them with our proven SEO strategies to create winning paid media campaigns. Your campaign activity will be continually monitored to give you the best ROI for your budget.

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Paid Media Benefits

Faster Route To Lead Generation

While effective SEO can take time, PPC can yield quicker results when time you need to increase lead generation.

Opportunity for Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns allow you the opportunity to convert traffic that may have visited your website but not converted previously.

Increased Brand Recognition

Getting brand visibility in front of more people, whether they click on your ads or not, is beneficial for long-term brand recognition.

A thorough review of any current campaigns running. We’ll dig into what is working and what is not so that future campaigns can be adjusted accordingly. We’ll also review the best platforms to deliver your ads to your target audience. Our goal is to create campaigns that drive results, giving you the best ROI for your budget.

How is your audience finding your business? We will research the best keywords for your campaign to ensure your ads are delivered to your target audience. Based on our research and understanding competitive bids for the same keywords, we will craft a bidding strategy that will yield the best possible results for your budget.

Don’t lose paid traffic. Search ads perform best when their related CTA makes sense. Your campaign will be designed to deliver qualified traffic. We can also work with you to build and optimize landing pages that are designed for conversion, so you gain customers, not just clicks.

Do you have products to sell? It is time to get your inventory in front of more qualified buyers. LOCOMOTIVE can build product listing campaigns that are designed to sell products and drive more traffic directly to your online store. Our campaigns are optimized to match shoppers with your product offerings.

Don’t lose interested website visitors. Retargeting and display ads are designed to capture the attention of users that have already been introduced to your brand. We will create comprehensive campaigns that help with both brand recognition and memory, as well as create attention grabbing offers that convert more sales

We will help you create and manage your PPC accounts on various ad platforms. Whether it be Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads, our skilled team will ensure proper setup and monitoring of each campaign.

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