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Content needs to be more than a nice arrangement of words on your website.

In fact, content plays a critical role in SEO. Our team has tested and refined the process of creating content strategies for companies that offer proven results.

Looking for content that can be shared, linked to, and content that will ultimately drive revenue? We can help.

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Content Benefits

Improved Brand Authority

We will help you create content that gets read again and again, signaling to Google that your site is a proven content resource.

Increased Revenue Opportunity

We go beyond driving traffic to your website. We drive qualified traffic to your website, so you have more opportunity for conversion.

Long-term Content Strategy

We create strategies that are designed to effectively grow with your business.

Are the pages on your site ranking for the most relevant queries? Your site could have competing content or perhaps secondary pages that are ranking for the queries your key landing pages should capture. Our query match analysis identifies the queries that are not relevant to the page they rank for and what the more appropriate page would be for that query.

Google now looks much more at your site’s topical relevance and content quality. It evaluates the text on your site to determine topics, entities and relationships between concepts. We help you to identify the relevant terms that support the main topics of your business and show you how to make connections so that Google is able to rank your site better for search queries.

Our content gap analysis identifies holes in your content strategy. These findings drive our content plans. We start with ideation to conceptualize the best angle for each content piece followed by a detailed editorial calendar that is prioritized by the topics expected to yield the highest return first. Need someone to write the content? Our team of writers can help there too.

Understanding what your customers are looking for is critical to improving conversions and engagement. Heatmapping and user testing can offer valuable insight, but our site search trend analysis takes things further. We aggregate all the searches users have entered on your site and condense the data down into content category themes, showing you how to best organize and guide them to that information.

Our proprietary in-house content briefs are a powerful tool that can give your content an edge over competitors. Utilizing a unique algorithm, we gather insights on how users search for your topic, how your site is currently performing for that topic, the most important words and topics to include in your content, and how to enhance your content through videos, photos, supplementary content and more.

We’ve developed unique tools to modernize how we approach onpage optimization. Our CTR Anomalies tool shows us pages on your site that generate impressions in search results, but very few clicks. Our Max Loss analysis tool identifies the pages that have lost the largest amount of clicks in search results over time. Our internal linking notebooks identify pages that might be ranking at the bottom of page 1, but through cleverly placed internal links on your site, boost that page’s ranking.

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