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You know that you want your website to rank well, but where do you start?

There is a gamut of optimization efforts that go much deeper than good content structure and using the right keywords. In fact, many of the most important ranking factors are much more technical and “behind the scenes.”

At LOCOMOTIVE, our technical team can uncover and resolve these elusive technical SEO issues, whereas other agencies can only begin to scratch the surface.

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Technical SEO Benefits


Search engines want to serve users with a high-quality experience. Therefore, they place higher emphasis on ranking sites that offer that. This includes site speed, having a responsive site, lean code and more.


Think about the differences between side streets and highways. One has stop lights and lower speed limits. The other is fast and direct. Inefficient websites are like side streets. They do not offer search engines the most direct route to efficiently crawl your content. We help your site become a highway for search engines.


By improving the crawlability of your site, we will also improve Google’s crawl budget i.e. how long it stays on your site and how many pages of your site it’s able to crawl. This in return will increase how many pages on your site are indexed by Google, providing you with more ranking opportunities.

This is at the core of all our engagements. Our Technical SEO experts will be constantly monitoring and analyzing the nuts and bolts of your website so you don’t have to. Better yet, our Technical Directors have backgrounds in development, making the execution of optimizations a seamless process.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals. Search engines view these links as a sign of a site’s quality and authority. However, backlinks can also hurt you if they are unnatural or from spammy sites. We conduct an analysis on the health of your backlink profile, how it compares to top competitors and uncover potential link opportunities.

Our in-depth audits include analysis of server performance and responses, HTML output, site architecture, content depth, structured markup, crawl depth, internal linking, meta data, redirects and much more.

If you are launching a new site , ensuring you have a migration plan in place is critical. Migrating a site can be risky all around, especially when considering SEO. If implemented incorrectly, it can hinder your rankings and trust flow with search engines. We will ensure a smooth transition. 

We collect and parse data from web server logs. This allows us to see which pages of the website Googlebot and other search engine robots are crawling. Looking at server logs can help us identify pages that Google isn’t crawling as well as pages bots are crawling that shouldn’t be crawled. All of this helps us optimize crawl budget.

Businesses often forget to build SEO into their overall site design and navigation. This hinders link equity distribution. It can also hold back how search engines digest and comprehend what your site offers. We collect and analyze several data points from your site to provide direction on the best way to structure it both the user and search engines.

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