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TOOL SPOTLIGHT: Finding Customer Question Data

The Problem

Do any of these problems resonate with you?

  • You are aware of the main questions your target audience asks concerning your services/products but are unaware of the more nuanced or related questions they might be asking.
  • You are running out of content ideas for your site and looking for new thought starters.
  • You know how to research to find questions users are asking but you don’t have the time to compile it all manually.
  • You want your site to capture more “People Also Ask” in Google Search results to increase visibility and traffic.

The Solution

LOCOMOTIVE has developed a tool that allows us to quickly see what search engines view as relevant/related questions to your business, what your site should include more of, and how your site could rank better if you provided a direct answer.

Key features include:

  • The tool integrates with four API sources to curate a list of related questions. This includes Google Search Console, People Also Ask Questions on SERPs, Google Suggestions (autosuggest), and SEMRush.
  • It will uncover quick wins, such as questions your site is ranking for and could perform better with edits or schema markup.
  • Find questions your site isn’t ranking for but could.

What Makes This Different?

  • It greatly reduces time (upwards of 10+ hours).  Manually trying to trigger PAA or Google Suggestions for searches of interest can take quite a while and you’ll probably miss things as you need to click on the PAA to reveal other relevant queries.
  • You can pull data from four main API sources and can add more through manual upload.
  • It connects to your website data. You can easily see what questions your site is ranking for and the performance metrics. If you did this manually, you’d need to find the questions, then search Google Search Console and add the metrics.

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