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Data Driven Decisions

At LOCOMOTIVE, we begin every new project with an auditing process. This allows us to make data-driven recommendations to our clients. Our audits consist of two different kinds of research:


Commercially available software is only designed to report on a fixed set of finings. Our technical audit is designed to uncover far more.

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    We focus on finding issues that can prevent the site from ranking well for your most important key-terms. The issues can either happen “behind the scenes” like problems with the site’s code or on the “main stage” like lack of content optimization and usability issues.

  • Upon completion of our audit, we triage all of our findings by priority based on it’s impact on your website’s revenue-generating potential, and estimated time to implement, allowing your team (or our’s) to solve the lowest hanging fruit opportunities right out of the gate.

Have millions of rows of data in need of custom analysis? No Problem!

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We have four full-time technical SEOs on our staff with backgrounds in data analysis, programming and web development. This is just one of the things that differentiates us between us and other agencies. We are not only technical SEOs, but excel at enterprise-level technical SEO as well.

Advanced, competitive content audit

The content on your website is important, especially when it comes to SEO. We take time to review both your content and that of your competitors.

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    We review content in the same manner that Google understands it. Using advanced techniques, including natural language processing, language ontology and machine learning, we are able to analyze content, and develop content strategies at a scale unmatched by other agencies.

  • Our approach to content far surpasses any typical keyword focused SEO recommendations. For example, Google understands the phrase “train whistle”. Do you? Of course! But understanding the relationship between keyword phrases and their real world, topical meanings and semantic relationships will make your content both stand out to your audience as well as perform well in search criteria.


With Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates, a lot of websites have been penalized due to old-school SEO tactics such as poor link building, over-commercialized anchor text and keyword manipulation.

The tricky thing is that many companies rarely receive a manual penalty notice from Google so their “penalty” often goes unnoticed and puts their site in a stagnant holding period. We will conduct a thorough audit of your site and backlink profile to identify if there are any red flags that we feel are hurting your rankings or pose a threat to.

Our Process - Technical SEO - Locomotive Agency

We believe in doing thorough research and making data-backed decisions. When we develop strategies, they are certain to have steam behind them.


Presentation, Approval & Delivery

Once our audits are complete, we will prepare a 90-day strategy which will combine both your business revenue and your website goals, along with the challenges we find in our audits. The strategy will be presented to you in an online presentation for your approval and consideration. Once everything is approved, we’ll get started!

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