Technical SEO

How To Use Data Analysis for SEO

  • Written by Jill Kornegay


Join LOCOMOTIVE Senior Director of Technical SEO Research, JR Oakes, as he sits down with the hosts of the popular marketing talk radio show, Edge of the Web. Learn more about JR and the unexpected path he took to becoming one of the most respected SEOs in the industry (*hint he didn’t go to school for tech), and how we use data here at LOCOMOTIVE.

In this episode, JR had the opportunity to share his thoughts about the importance of data analysis for SEO. During the discussion, viewers get to take a look behind the scenes of how the technical minds at LOCOMOTIVE Agency work. As an agency, we believe in offering clients tangible results by employing tactics that take a deep dive into client data, using a hybrid approach of both data mining and data blending to identify real areas of opportunity. JR also discusses how combining Search Console data with AdWords data can help SEOs businesses get a clearer picture of marketing performance. He also notes the importance of understanding the “winability” of certain keywords when proposing a new SEO strategy.

Also in this episode, Google apologizes for rel=next/prev mixup (a function used in pagination), Google brings AMP-powered dynamic emails to Gmail, YouTube’s roll in mobile traffic, and online sales overtake retail.