Technical SEO

How To Improve Your Ranking With Internal Links

  • Written by Jill Kornegay

LOCOMOTIVE Sr. Director of Technical SEO, JR Oakes recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dan Shure on the Experts On The Wire Podcast. The informative weekly Podcast covers the topics of  Digital Marketing and SEO and is affiliated with the Evolving SEO blog, also written by Shure.

In this episode, JR covers how you can use internal links to improve your ranking when you can’t quite get to that number one spot. JR also discusses why he feels code-based SEO is important for technical SEOs and how you can get started with learning it if you are not already familiar. Dan and JR review other hot SEO topics like analyzing large sets of keyword data from Search Console, using automation to improve SEO, JR’s take on EAT, SEO tactics that have a diminishing return, and even uncover the important mystery – what is JR’s real name?

Be sure to check out episode 117 of Experts On The Wire soon!

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