Local SEO

How To Handle Local SEO Without A Physical Address

  • Written by Jill Kornegay


Using tools such as GMB (Google My Business), using content related to the city you want to target, in additional to reviews or testimonials from those cities, you can rank your business in cities where you don’t have a physical address.

Ranking in a city where you have no physical address is possible. In fact, Amanda Jordan (AJ), our own Director of Local Search recently presented with Turn Digi, an international SEO blog that hosts free conferences for SEOs and marketers alike. Here are a few tactics to consider.

AJ’s presentation was geared towards businesses who serve multiple cities, but may not have physical locations in each city. As an agency, we are often asked how a business can rank locally without a physical location. The fact of the matter is that it is possible to rank in a city where you may not have a brick and mortar presence. We have helped many clients do so with our Local SEO strategies.

Among the strategies that AJ recommended for businesses in this position where to use a service area GMB (Google My Business) listing if possible, and also be sure that there is content on your website that is related to the city you are trying to target. Additionally she suggested adding testimonials or reviews to your website that are from the cities that you are trying to rank in. You should also be focusing on content about your business’ community involvement, memberships, and sponsorships from organizations located within the target city.

What is a service areas listing?

GMB offers multiple options for your business to list how they reach customers in each city. Service area listings allow you to list the service area without including publicizing the physical address. This is great for businesses that offer deliveries and home service. When setting up your GMB account, be sure to list the city that you want to rank in as part of your service area. Service area listings are limited just like regular GMB listings. You will only rank in the area surrounding your business for most non-branded keywords.

Does my site content really matter?

Yes! The content on your website matters a lot! When you are not able to add a Google My Business listing for a location, your best bet is to try to rank in the normal organic search results section. In order to do this, you need to have content that is relevant to the city on your site. 

AJ recommends creating city-specific landing pages on your site, each containing content specific to that city. Be sure that you create no more than 10 landing pages though, or you will begin to lose credibility. You should also consider creating blogs for the cities you want to rank in that link back to your city-specific landing pages. 

When adding reviews or testimonials from clients in those cities, make sure to include the city and state when adding each review to the website. Don’t forget to list any community involvement that your business may have with the city as well. 

These are just a few simple strategies that will help your business rank on Google without a physical location in every city. Looking for more advanced SEO strategies? Give LOCOMOTIVE Agency a call today. Our team would love to help you improve your local search performance.