Increase in Total Leads


Increase in MQLs


Increase in Opportunities

What We Did

Bar Chart Showing Lead Growth

Updated Ad Copy

After analyzing competitors and the current ad copy it became clear that updated ad copy would improve overall quality and performance. Upon doing so we saw a large increase in ad rank from some of the highest intent campaigns. We reactivated campaigns that previously had low spend and ad rank by updating the overall copy and launching dedicated landing pages.

Graph showing growth in MQL

Enhanced Landing Pages

We redesigned all paid media landing pages. We updated the structure, theme, and copy. We also launched dynamic ad group-level headlines using Mutiny to ensure every landing page matched the users search intent. We also made sure the dynamic headlines matched our ad group theme search. For example; for “wire transfers” our landing page said “Wire Transfers Made Easy with Tipalti’s Financial Technology.” 

We migrated all of Tipalti’s landing pages from Unbounce to WordPress which results in faster load times, better reporting, improved responsiveness, and improved quality score/ad rank.

Graph showing growth in opportunities

Identified New Markets and New Channels

To stay competitive we needed to introduce new search markets and channels (Google Display Network & YouTube for prospecting) by expanding our keyword reach. We identified, researched, and expanded Tipalti’s reach to newer untested markets which produced a CPA that was 100% lower than the overall CPA in the past.

    1. Launched Google Display prospecting using a list of high-intent site placements where financial decision-makers typically search. The audience is defined by using search intent and affinity audiences (users that have previously searched high-intent keywords on Google).
    2. Launched YouTube prospecting by using search intent audiences (users that have previously searched high-intent keywords on Google).

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