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What We Did

Crawled & Analyzed More than 50,000 Pages to Identify Content Intent

This allowed us to identify key content that needed to be included in the city pages in order to rank.

Utilized Numerous Data Sources In Order to Create Unique Content

  • FCC data to gather providers by zip code and key features about them such as internet speeds, type of internet connections (cable vs fiber), Wi-Fi hotspots, and more.
  • Data from clients on internet plan availability to ensure service offerings and accurate pricing.
Smartmove Organic Leads

Created Many Touchpoints to Help Users Decide on Best Plans

This included features such as:

  • Most popular plans in city for light users, for families, for home office.
  • Best plans by persona including home office, gamers, seniors, students, military.
  • Understanding the best internet speed based on number of users and devices.
  • A link to an internet speed quiz.

Provided Educational and Unbiased Information To Users

  • Understanding the difference between DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber internet.
  • Helpful guides and tips such as “How to Watch ESPN Without Cable” or “How to Speed Up Internet on Your iPhone.”
  • Overview of popular modems & routers.
  • Provider ratings.

Organized Content By Persona & Criticality to Purchase Intent

We then aligned the critical purchase intent content to landing pages.

Smartmove Organic New Users

Restructured Site’s Information Architecture to Help Topical Relevance

Previously, the state pages were under a resource section. We changed this so the state and city pages were under “Internet” in the main nav to build that silo, so: Internet -> State -> City.

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