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The main objective for Locomotive  was to increase both organic traffic and revenue, as well as improve important search rankings for queries such as “ecommerce software” and “shopping cart software.” With big name brands like and as their main competitors, it was critical that we strengthen their website to compete. We would also need to discover new mid-level and longtail queries to drive and covert more site traffic.


Maximize Crawl Budget

We wanted to ensure that Google was crawling important pages. We optimized the robots.txt file, fixed broken links and improved the internal linking and navigation to make sure there were no orphan pages.


Improve URL Structure

The length and structure of page URLs matters. We improved the URL structure for a group of pages in the site that were not optimized.


Cleanup Backlink Profile

We reviewed and removed the disavow file they had previously submitted in GSC to make sure they were getting the most value out of the links they already had.


Improve User Experience

We noticed that when users navigated to sub-categories or deeper pages, it was hard for them to move back up to category pages. Our recommendation was to use breadcrumbs which also helped improve the authority of category pages.


Enhance Mobile Usability

Upon conducting mobile audit, we were able to offer several recommendations to the site design that would improve user engagement. These included reducing the number of popups as well as other navigation improvements.


Improve CTR

Using an in-house tool to detect CTR anomalies, such as pages that were ranking high but were not getting clicks, we were able to improve page titles and meta descriptions to enhance their click ratio.

Our Results

During just a 6-month engagement, we were able to deliver outstanding results to After spending time up front to gather the right data for analysis, we were able to create a strong technical and on-page strategy. Our thorough auditing process, combined with our proactive and effective communication with the client created a strong partnership that was able to drive implementation further in a short timeframe. The outcome speaks for itself.

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