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Tailoring Client Communication

  • Written by Marty Martin

LOCOMOTIVE tailors our client communications to the client’s personality and preferences for consuming information.


Learning, modifying, and mirroring are the key components to tailoring your communication with any client. If these are taken into consideration, a successful relationship will be sure to follow.

One of the basics of communicating effectively is tailoring your communication to your audience. In everyday life, we adapt how we communicate with family members, friends, and strangers, modifying our words and actions to suit the relationship and context. We do it with every conversation we have. The same occurs within our professional networks.

Understanding your audience — their motivations, their habits, what evokes positive and negative reactions, as well as their preferred style of communication is essential to successful and healthy working relationships. This understanding is especially important in client relationships.

Learning communication preferences

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Just as it does with any another person, it takes time to learn a client’s personality, their likes and dislikes, and how they operate day-to-day. Each person is unique, so it’s important to pay close attention to how your client presents themselves. Reciprocating a preferred communication style is the first step in learning how to interact. Simply asking how a client prefers to engage in conversation, whether through phone calls or emails, is a great starting place. It shows a vested interest in understanding your client and proves you’re willing to make the effort to sustain a positive, lasting relationship.

Establishing communication preferences right at the start is crucial to relationship building, and it makes everyone involved feel happier and more valued. To top it off, as you’re communicating your services and what you need from them, you can be sure your client is in a good position to receive the information, because you’ve already adapted to their style. Taking this individualized approach with each client is key to success. 

Measure and modify as you go

As your professional relationship develops through client engagement, regularly measure and assess their actions and feedback. Making adjustments as needed will provide more value to both parties and will elevate productivity. The goal is always customer satisfaction. Leveraging the knowledge you have about how they communicate and what they prefer will assist with the overall harmony of the account. 

For example, you might have a client who is very outgoing and friendly, and who enjoys person-to-person interaction. When going over client deliverables with someone like this, it would probably be best to have in-depth discussions over video conference or even better — in-person. The client might feel more in-tune with the work you’re presenting, become more engaged, and ask more questions. They may not be as willing to do that when you’ve just emailed them an Excel sheet with detailed next steps. 

On the other hand, this approach may fail with a client who is more Type A and independent, with a very direct personality. In this situation, it would likely behoove you to keep meetings and emails short with project deliverables that include concise bulleted-out information that can be quickly digested without any fluff. For an analytically minded client who loves information and data, it would be paramount to provide as much substantial detail as possible.

Learning, modifying, and mirroring are the key components to tailoring your communication with any client. If these are all taken into consideration, a successful relationship will be sure to follow.

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